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Logical provides a wide range of audio translation services to support businesses around the world. Whether you require an audio transcription to be translated into a different language, or you want to produce marketing material in multi-languages, we have a huge team of language specialists of the highest standard.

When you require accurate audio translations within tight timescales, Logical will be happy to help you with any translation projects you have. We provide translation services across a wide range of industries, including any type of document you might need translating to a different language.

As well as delivering a consistently high standard of translation services, our customers keep coming back to us because we are also very competitively priced for the exceptional level of services we provide. Getting started is easy too, you can simply upload your documents in our contact section to request a quote.

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Our Translation Services

Document Translation

We can help translate any form of document, from multi-lingual brochure to contracts for multiple parties, and preparing user manuals for an international market.

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Let us help you break through into new markets and open more opportunities to sell products worldwide by localising their content.

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Audio Translation & Recording

Whether you require an audio transcription to be translated into a different language, or you want to produce marketing material in multi-languages, we can help.

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Website Translation

Offering your website content in more languages, makes your products and services accessible to more people generating more sales and boosting your revenue.

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Multimedia & Web

We can translate and localise interactive software, video formats, audio formats, marketing communications, learning applications, games, animations, IVR scripts and more.

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App Translation & Localisation

Reach a bigger audience with your apps by translating and localising the interface and content so more people can engage your business.

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Certified Translation

We offer fully certified translation services for your important documents. We are associate members of the Association of Translation Companies, endorsed by Jersey Customs & Immigration, Home Office and Courts of Law.

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Security & GDPR

We make sure your files and data are managed safely and securely

Securing client content and cybersecurity is a prime focus at Logical, providing our clients with confidence in our ability to receive, store and release translated and localised content in a secure cloud environment.

We have long-standing relationships with all our translators, editors and proof-readers who are contracted with Logical and governed by strict confidentiality clauses through Non-Disclosure and Data Processing agreements. All client documents are treated as confidential and are securely held in line with current GDPR codes of conduct.

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We are able to accommodate all file formats to suit your requirements.
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