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Quality guaranteed French translation services provided by experts for all your translation requirements.

French is one of the world's most spoken languages and crucial in business and reaching a global audience. Our expert team of translators ensure reliable and accurate French translations so you can communicate effectively.

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Highly demanded, our French translation services are fit for all purposes. If you're trying to reach a global audience for your business, need to translate scientific and technical documents, or simply need civil documents translated and certified, our team can help.
French Translation
Official government document translation and certification for authenticity.
£25 per page
First page is £30
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French Translation
Best for straightforward language translation for general and personal use.
£0.05 per word
£25 minimum (500 words)
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French Translation
Highly specialised and technical translations for industries and enterprises.
£0.08 per word
£25 minimum (500 words)
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Accurate & Localised French Translation Services

Our team has a thorough understanding of the French culture around business and science, allowing them to bridge the gap between you and your target audience with high quality and accurate French translation services.

As one of the most spoken languages in the world, it is tempting to use an automated translator to achieve your goal, however word-to-word translation often misses the important nuance and culture that revolves around the spoken aspect of the language. Without the right tone, your message could be ineffective or potentially even misunderstood.

Let our team of accredited and certified French translators provide you with accurate and localised French translation services.

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French Technical Translation
French Legal Translation
French Retail Translation
French Certified Translation
French Website Translation
French Document Translation
French Localisation
French Medical Translation
French Marketing Translation
French Gaming Translation
French Academic Translation
French Audio Translation
French Hospitality Translation
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Certified French Translation Services

Our accredited translation team can translate and certify all civil documents required by EU and UK government entities. We can provide certified translations from French to any language and vice versa.

We offer a quick turnaround time and as EUATC accredited translators, our certified french translation services fulfil all the requirements required from your official documents for use in formal civil procedures.

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French Passport Translation
French Birth Certificate Translation
French Death Certificate Translation
French Marriage Certificate Translation
French Divorce Certificate Translation
French Driver's License Translation
French Insurance Documents Translation
French Adoption Papers Translation
French Immigration Documents Translation
French Police Report Translation
French Academic Certificate Translation
French Medical Document Translation
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Why choose Logical Translations for your French Translation?

The French have a way with words, and navigating the nuances of the language requires the type of knowledge and passion for translation that our team possesses.

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ATC & EUATC Accredited

As members of the ATC and EUATC (Association of Translation Companies), our team provides legally accredited and certified French translation services in over 200 languages for use in business as well as civil procedures. You can rely on our French translation services for quality and accuracy.

Localised French Translation

With over 250 million speakers around the globe, French is not only spoken in France, but also across Europe in countries such as Belgium and Switzerland as well as North America and Africa. Each has its cultural nuances, dialects and differences in grammar, which highlights the importance of getting the communication right so that the purpose of the translation is achieved.

The machine translation trap

French is a passionate and poetic language that is infused with a lot of culture and history. People often use a machine translator to translate quick phrases for every day language use, but it often gives the illusion that it can also be used for translating large bodies of text. This is a trap many fall into because although it is useful for some things, the translator doesn't account for the large breadth of French dialects by region and country which becomes very apparent when trying to communicate more complex ideas besides common greeting and sentences. Our French translation services ensure you communicate effectively and with the correct messaging.

Accurate & Reliable French Translations

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